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  •  DAYSTAR Period Piece/ Adventure/ Mysticism



Hidden in the vault of history are the eighteen missing years of travel, study and initiation of the most famous, inspired and misunderstood man who ever lived. Known as the ‘DAYSTAR’, he was educated in India, enlightened in Tibet, recognized in Greece and initiated in Egypt, all before returning to his homeland, to begin a ministry that would change the world.But as his following grew, men in power saw him as a threat to their authority and sought to take his life. They plotted against him, falsely charged, tortured and killed him. Then, to their amazement they saw him again, after his well-publicized and gruesome murder, walking in the Gardens of Siloam.

In his resurrected form Daystar materializes before his followers, his family, his teachers and his enemies proclaiming that he “may now manifest in the earth or in the planes above.” The missing message is the transformation of human flesh to flesh divine. Daystar ascends at Mt. Olivet but not before revealing that he will return again at the end of the Age.




  • AMENTI Action/ Adventure Sci-fi

When the pyramid is activated, the Atlanteans, who sent themselves to the future to escape the catalysm, emerge.

When their technology tipped the electro-magnetic balance of the Earth and a deluge was eminent, the greatest minds of Atlantis came together and devised a plan to project themselves through time to the next ‘Age of Light.’ They created a time capsule and set it in the labyrinth beneath the great Sphinx. But the plan, however perfect, was a puzzle that needed to be found, solved and implemented by people in some future distant time, if the world survived.

...In modern times and against all odds the puzzle is being completed. Three renegade archeologists discover the lost secrets of Atlantis…


  • SHADOWS OF TIME Love Story

Vince Gabriel, a wealthy 25 year old dreamer falls madly in love with a woman he sees dancing in a video clip on the internet. Problem is the show aired over twenty five years ago. Vince knows her name and finds a way to go back in time to find her.


In a world where all are vampires, there is no more blood and Sod, the first vampire is aging quickly. He faces his death in the morning sun but others find a way to continue…

  • THREE IN THE WATER Action/ Comedy

After a shipwreck three people are deserted on an island. The only way to survive is to get back into the water...


Bubba wins the lottery and then fakes his death to see who in family will grant his dying wish to be buried with is pet pig. Country boys, Luke and Jesse have a comedic adventure thru the Big City to help make Uncle Bubba’s dying wish come true.


JEAN GALLIANO, A Writer, Visionary, Dream Researcher,  published Poet and professional Nanny.  Jean was inspired by ‘Divine Intervention’ in her personal life by the vision of an Angel. She went on to research the life of Christ and was compelled by missing pieces in the stories pertaining to His life. She teamed up with Stan Jankaitis in 1999 to write the screenplay DAYSTAR.  She continues writing screenplays.

Jean Galliano


Eighteen Missing Years

A Missing Message for the Future 


  STAN JANKAITIS was born and raised in the hard coal region of PA. A musician, singer and songwriter as well as author, he began playing in local garage bands at the age of 15. He has many songs published and had a 45 release on the DAKA label of which he wrote the songs.He has short stories published by Computeredge, Nickelodeon, True Romance, and The Storyteller (won 2nd place for a story titled "Train Ride To An Echo"), and has had comedy skits published by Brookyln Publishers, (Jeb and the Bank Loan).Stan is a playwright and has also written 9 feature-length screenplays, and is currently writing his novel, Instinct of Survival, as a feature screenplay.More from Stan:   http://www.brookpub.com/jeb-and-the-bank-loan-p-243.html

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